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Be a Prudent Student

Avoid getting into your own personal ‘credit crunch’ when you are setting off to college or university. There are many ways to get into financial difficulties and far fewer ways to get out of problems. Therefor it pays to be prudent and alert from day one (and day one starts a year before you are […]

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Council Tax Time

This is the time when Council tax bills will be dropping through letter boxes up and down the country. This seems a good time to remind ourselves of the main aspects of council tax. Time to Explain What is Council Tax Council tax is a method of partially funding local authorities It is local tax […]

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Be Frugal Buying in Bulk

In many instances buying in bulk can be a frugal money saving exercise. DIY products like sand and gravel are far cheaper in large tote bags than packed in individual plastic bags. Frugal Buying in Bulk Ideas Buying in bulk at Costco, Macro, cash and carry or wholesale clubs can be cheaper than retailers as […]

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Downsizing to Raise Cash

When short of cash it is natural to look at one of your largest expenditures and in some cases your best asset. Your accommodation be it home, house or flat costs in revenue expenditures and ties up capital when you most need it. Downsize your Revenue Costs The bigger your home generally the higher the […]

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Extreme Budgeting One Month Trial

For one month a year it may be worth considering ‘extreme budgeting’ or more correctly extreme none-spending. It is like a detox for your cash or a crash diet for your purse. Extreme budgeting starts with eliminating your discretionary spending and tightening your money belt. Benefits of Extreme Budgeting After a month you will realise […]

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Duff, Faulty and Misleading Statistics

Faulty careless or deliberately misleading statistics are  a constant source of annoyance to me and many others. A newspaper headline this morning screamed ‘nearly one in five believe……’ as though that was a major and significant news item. Well it also means more than 80% do not believe….. Statistics That Need a Health Warning 87.3% […]

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