Getting The Best Remortage Deal

  • Online Search When Looking for the best remortgage deal it is worth visiting an online remortgage company like moneysupermarket. They look at upto 8,500 different mortgage products. They don’t charge for their services because they get a commision from referring you to the the mortgage company.
  • Remortgage with existing Dealer If you are struggling to prove your income, your best deal may come from remortgaging with your existing mortgage lender. Your current mortgage lender won’t require you to prove your income, because usually you are automatically prequalified.
  • Adverse CreditIf you have a bad credit history, don’t worry as many companies now specialise in offering bad credit mortgages.
  • If you have an adverse credit you can expect to pay a premium of 0.5% to 1.5% in getting a mortgage. As with other types of mortgages it is worth looking around and checking the whole market.
  • Timing. To get the best mortgage deal, start looking 3 months before your current mortgage deal ends.
  • Best Type of Mortgage. Don’t just get the best interest rate, look for the most suitable kind of mortgage. For example, if you have a good current account you will probably benefit from a current account mortgage. Mortgage lender Standard Life are currently offering a free upgrade to a current account mortgage as part of any remortgage deal.