Buy to let UK Remortgage Quotes

Buy to let investors often have a particularly good reason to seek the best remortgage quote often there mortgage payments are a high % of the house prices. An interest rate of 1% can make the difference between making profit on a house and making a loss. At the same time if the mortgage is for a high % of the house price buy to let investors may be more concerned about falling house prices which will lead to negative equity.

Another feature of buy to let remortgages is that often the money to pay the mortgage may be dependent upon rentable income. Therefore this means that they are reliant on being able to rent the house. However most landlords will experience a period of no tenants therefore it may be a good idea to seek out a flexible mortgage where you have the option of making a payment holiday and then paying more back when you have a tenant. This flexibility can reduce the pressure of not having a tenant for a couple of months.