Claiming Building Insurance – What to do in case of fire or major incident

  1. Inform your insurance company. If you used a broker or third party inform them as well.
  2. Keep a note when and who you told and what they said particularly about procedures and means of progressing a claim.
  3. If emergency services were called out get a case number or reference from them.
  4. Keep a record of all the costs incurred and receipts.
  5. Submit a claim according to the policy and procedures given by the Insurance company.

The insurance company may appoint a ‘Loss Adjuster’ to assess the claim. A loss adjuster is someone who acts predominantly on the instructions of insurers in the negotiation and settlement of loss by fire or other contingencies. A loss assessor is nearly the same thing as a loss adjuster, the main difference is a loss assessor works on the behalf of a client where a loss adjuster works on behalf of an insurer.-

A loss assessor/adjuster basically will work on behalf of their clients and assess how much damage a risks has sustained to enable them to see how much compensation the insured should receive.

Insurance companies try to act quickly but a major incident will take a lot of time and effort to sort out. Rebuilding will take months or even years. Interim payments should be possible from major insurers.

Your broker will often help with the formalities and be familiar with the insurance companies needs and requirements. A claims handling company should not be necessary. If you have legal insurance it may be worth advising your nominated solicitor.