Harry Potter and the Mortgage Repayments of Doom

I thought this sounds like a good funny paradoy of Harry Potter and the mortgage market. Some how Harry Potter fighting off mortgage brokers doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as fighting the dark Lord.

Written by: Mark R Edwards

This is the blurb from the fifth instalment of this series, ‘Harry Potter and the Mortgage Repayments of Doom’, the follow-up to the acclaimed ‘Harry Potter and the Kidney Stone’.

It’s the summer holidays and soon Harry Potter, the most famous wizard in the world, will be starting his fifth year as a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But all is not well in the Potter household and the wider wizarding world. Admissions at Hogwarts are at an all-time low. ‘Kids today,’ grumbles Harry, ‘aren’t interested in magic. All they care about is watching Clone Idol and downloading footage of World War III to watch on their newfangled nano-phones.’

Harry’s account at Gringotts has long since run dry (especially after he invested in the now-defunct Microsoft) and he is behind on his mortgage payments. To make matters worse, his wife, the Muggle-born Sarah – who Harry met in the second book in this series, ‘Harry Potter and the Shotgun Wedding’ – is not happy. She wants to know why Harry is not more like his cousin, Dudley Dursley MP. And Ron and Hermione have just had their first child and have little time for Harry and his woes.

Then Harry discovers a terrible plot. Draco Malfoy, the Head of Slytherin, wants to get rid of Harry and sell Hogwarts to Disney so they can turn it into a theme park. And as if that wasn’t enough, Harry is also having problems with his prostate.

Can Harry ward off the Bailiff Trolls, get the nation’s kids interested in sorcery again and keep his wife happy? Will he be able to defeat Malfoy and Mickey Mouse? Will the antibiotics work? Find out in this witty, parodic and ever-so-slightly-depressing novel, for adults and the few children who are still interested in such things.
via BBC