How To Sell Your House for a Higher Price

I have just been watching a BBC programme – ‘Open House’ Basically, it suggests ways for people to increase the value of their house, through making minor changes. This article looks at the simple changes you can make to maximise your home’s selling price and sell your house online quickly.

First Impressions Count.

Make sure the pathway to the house is free of litter, clean and welcoming. Make sure your front door is immaculate; people often judge a house just from the state of its front door.


If your neighbours have litter in their garden, perhaps you could ask them to remove it or you could just go in and clean it up yourself (they can hardly complain). Untidy neighbours will definitely count against you. People subconsciously think that if people leave litter in the road, or front garden then they are more likely to be troublesome neighbours.

Clear The Clutter.

During the period of selling a house, it is essential that you put the requirements of your prospective buyers above yours. The first thing to do is to remove unnecessary clutter. This is one of the most significant factors in determining how the house looks. If necessary store some of your clutter in the atic, with neighbours or even in a storage space.


Choose tasteful and neutral decorations. You may get great joy from draping a Manchester United flag in your front room, but, your taste in ‘fine art’ is unlikely to be matched by other people. It might be a good idea to remove personal family photos. The main thing is to decorate the house in a way that is enticing for everybody.


Repainting is an excellent and cheap way, to easily increase the attractiveness of a property. It is an opportunity to paint over marks and scratches; it will help the house look more modern and better looked after. Generally, the best colours to choose for walls are light pastel shades – yellow, cream. If you have strong colours like purple and red it is advisable to repaint to a less contrasting colour.

Maximise Use of Space

Think carefully about every item in the house. If it takes up a lot of room, ask yourself whether you really need to keep it. As much as possible create a feeling of ‘living space’ it will encourage more people. If you have a spare room you don’t use for anything, try making it into an actual bedroom to reinforce its potential.

Information Pack.

It is a good idea to prepare a free ‘information pack’ for any viewers. This can list all the good points about the house and all the good points about the location. This can also be a reminder for yourself when talking about the properties. For example, if you have a good local park, make sure you let buyers be aware of this, especially if they are from outer town.

Be Positive

When Welcoming people to have a look round your house. It is important to be positive and encouraging about the house. There is no need to be pushy – you are not a salesman. But, try to avoid saying anything negative. Remember you should not lie about any aspect of the house or area – It undermines confidence if they find out, and you can be liable for giving false information.


If you are a penny pincher and like to have the heating low, turn it up for prospective visitors. There is nothing worse than entering a cold house.


If you are trying to sell during the winter months, it is important that you pay close attention to lighting. Choose soft glow bulbs and make sure there is sufficient lighting to show the house at its best. Encourages people to come during daylight hours. Also clean the windows both inside and out.

Basically, making small common sense changes can make a big difference to helping a house sell. People make decisions based on their ‘gut feelings’ A lot of this comes from their initial impressions. By making the house tidy and inviting you can go a long way to helping this become more practical.