Mortgage Exit Fees Refund

If you remortgaged in the past 5 years it is likely you could benefit from a windfall. The FSA has stated that mortgage lenders must justify any increase in mortgage exit fees. Where there has been overcharging in the past they must pay consumers back.

However the responsibility to claim the money back rests with the consumers. If you write a letter to the bank or building society asking for money back they should pay the money back.

The big mortgage lenders such as the Halifax, Nationwide, Abbey National and others are agreeing to pay the money back, but are in no hurry to do so. There is already a backlog of requests. The typical refund is £100

Portman Building Society and The Mortgage Works have reduced their exit fees from £199 to £145.

One of the lowest exit fees can be found from the Britannia Building society which currently only charges about £105. Most building societies charge double this amount